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Starcraft: Lost Operation
15-02-2010, 08:07 PM (This post was last modified: 20-02-2010 01:41 AM by CrazE.)
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Starcraft: Lost Operation
This idea struck my mind after playing Starcraft/Starcraft Brood War and seeing previews of Starcraft 2. Why not make a story about a different fleet other than Jim Raynor, Zeratul, Kerrigan, and all those other people? I mean, the galaxy is a big thing, and there has to be more happening out there just as plot-thickening as what's happening with all the Blizzard characters. So, I've made this thread to show you people the others who were not named, but have made an important role in the Brood Wars.

Leutenant Roy Jackson looked around the area. His squad of 50 marines, 30 firebats, 10 goliaths, and 5 Seige tanks moved at a swell pace. They had to destroy the Zerg infestation near their main base on Tarsonis. He felt his Gausse Rifle in his nerve-controlled robotic hands. Two days and no Zerg. How did they even know the Zerg was even still here? The might have moved, or left alltogether. nevertheless, his orders were clear. Make those monsters move or help them die. Roy looked up. There, looming over them, was an Overlord. So they were still here. "Don't mind it." he called to the others. "Were here for the majority, not the livestock." Then he heard it. A sickening screech went out, followed by a small rumble. "Brace yourselves!" he called to his troops. They all stopped, going into attack position. The Seige tanks went into seige mode, their arclite shock cannons ready for the worst. The Goliaths stood still, fixated forward. Then they came.

A whole swarm of 60 Zerglings surged forward like a stampede, ready to trample anything. "Fire!" Roy called out. His troops let loose their fury, shooting down the swarm. Zergling after Zergling fell to the dried up ground, but more took it's place, pushing through the line of fire. Roy saw two jump onto one of his troops, stabbing their claws into him over and over. "Their pushing through!" he exclaimed. The Seige tanks let loose their cannons.
Five Zerglings exploded on contact with the giant shell. The Goliaths shot their twin Autocannons, practically dissintegrating the little Zerglings with their constant fire. Roy shot his Gausse Rifle, breaking the head off of one. The heat of the battle became intense, and even more intense as he heard the roar of Ultralisks. "Ultra's on your 12!" he yelled to the others. Now everyone was aware of the giant beast rushing towards them. their giant single scythe-like claws gleamed death. Roy knew what he had to do. He pulled out a grenade, waiting for the Ultralisk to get close. As if Roy called out to it, one of the Ultralisks looked straight at him, charging forward. "Come on..." Roy said, calculating. "A little closer." The Ultralisk was only meters away. When there was only feet away, Roy jumped aside, throwing the grenade right into the beast's mouth.
The Ultralisk's body slumped into the ground, dead. Roy got up off the ground. "Good shot, sir!" one of his marines called out, right before he got slashed by a Zergling. Roy witnessed what was going on around him. They were winning, and yet they weren't. The Ultralisks made a very powerful push through their defensive line, but the Seige tanks fired at will on them. The zerglings were depleting in numbers, but so were his men. Did they have enough to raid the base?

No. They needed more firepower.

"Main Base, this is Leutenant Roy. Do you copy?" he said into the microphone in the suit. "We copy Leutenant." a woman voice responded.
"We need a Ghost, front and center. Give 'em the works."
"We copy, Leutenant. A Ghost is on the way."

Roy continued fire on the little monsters, trying to hold back the constant surge.
Roy heard the distant roar of jets as he commenced fire. Two Wraiths accompanied a small dropship. Six marines and a ghost sat inside, the marines conversing and joking with each other. "Now come on, Sarge," a marine said to another, "You can't expect us to believ you took down a swarm of Zerglin's by yerself." the other marine nodded. "I did. You can ask my mission officer too." The first marine chuckled. "Well I know what I'm gonna do when I come back." The others laughed with him, except the ghost. He sat in the corner, goggles up and C-10 assault rifle sitting nicely by him. He had no need for jokes. This was a battlefield, not a board game. "Drop time in 30 seconds." the dropship pilot said over the intercom. "You heard the lady." The marine named Sarge said. He could already feel the drop in altitude as they were about to land. The Ghost got up, grabbing his assault rifle. "Ready or not, here I come." He said, putting on his goggles.
Roy watched as the two Wraiths fired on the swarm while the Dropship let out it's load. The Ghost came out first, running over to Roy. "Sir." he nodded. Roy stopped firing for a moment while the new marines took up his place. "Your task is simple," Roy responded, "get in there and blow them to Kingdom come." The Ghost smiled, nodding. "That's my occupation, sir." he replied, running forward. "Cover him!" he said to the marines. Five marines instantly ran after the Ghost, shooting down any chase. As the Ghost got close enough, he looked at the small button on his wrist. "Ghost time." he said, clicking it. The marines suddenly stopped in confusion. "Where did he go?" one asked, but they continued fire.

The Ghost slipped silently through the main Zerg defenses. It was bad enough being near them without them attacking, but walking on the creep while they're nearby is just a weird experience. It was like walking on fresh, warm meat. The Ghost quickly avoided going near a Sunken Colony, a large meaty structure that uses the ground to attack. Although they are pinned into the creep, they are still lethal if you get near.Especially when they could detect him even when he was invisible. The Ghost continued further until he reached his destination. Not a half-mile away, stood the Hive. it's monumental appearance made him feel small, but in a few minutes it would be little more than dead creep. The Ghost raised his assault rifle, but instead of shooting, he clicked a button on the side. "Ready for nuclear launch." he said into the speaker on the side of his head. A red beam of light shot out of his gun onto the Hive. "target is marked." he informed. "Nuclear missile has been launched." the woman replied on the other side of the speaker.

Every speaker or communicater on every Terren building or in every Terran vehicle heard the warning.

"Nuclear launch detected."

Roy knew what was about to happen. "Fall back!" he exclaimed to his troop. All of them started retreating while trying to hold up a line. Roy continued fire, trying to get his troops out of here. The Zerg continued assault, pounding on the front line. The Seige tanks formed back into normal, retreating along with the Goliaths. They had to move quick. Roy heard the distant roar of something moving through the air. "Come on, move move move!" he exclaimed, trying to run faster. Then he remembered his stim pack. He pulled out a hypodermic needle, filled with some type of liquid. He plunged it into the socket in his leg, feeling the liquid course through his body. His team did the same. Instantly he felt energy surge into his body, and he felt himself start to run faster. Way faster. The Zerg couldn't keep up, and they had to stay with the Hive. But little did they know there was going to be no Hive to go to.

The Ghost kept his mark on the Hive. He could already hear the whistle of a bomb moving through the air. "You may retreat." a monotonous voice said into his speaker. The Ghost pulled back his mark, running off. He had to get away quick before it touched base. He saw a ledge completely blocking off the Zerg base from some land. Perfect. He quickly made a turn as his cloaking came off. "Out of energy." the monotonous voice said. The Ghost quickened his pace. Instantly th Zerg noticed. the Sunken colony let out a giant worm-like tongue into the ground. The Ghost felt it going through the ground toward him. Crap! he thought. Suddenly the tongue burst through the ground right under him, trying to peirce right into his body. The Ghost barely dodged, flipping off to the side as the tongue flew up into the air. It retreated back into the ground, preparing for another attack. "20 seconds until bomb reaches target." the monotonous voice commented. He was almost there. he felt the creep move slightly. The tongue burst through under him peircing into his side. He yelled out in pain, but adrenaline and survival drove him forward. The Tongue let go to peirce again, but he was too quick. He ran over and quickly turned the ledge, running over to the corner to best protect himself.

the bomb slowly flew downward, like an elegant eagle swooping down to catch it's prey. Then it disappeared in the center of the Hive. Moments later, the biggest boom known to man cracked through the air was the Hive exploded in a firy combustion. It expanded more than a mile, wiping out any livng trace. the sonciboom carried several Zerglings off their feet before they were singed. All the Ghost knew was that he had done his mission, and it didn't matter what happened now.
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16-02-2010, 03:21 AM
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
*Clap Clap Clap*
Very well done, CrazE! There are several typos you did there, thought they are fairly minor. Other than that, it's a very good beginning!
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17-02-2010, 07:15 AM (This post was last modified: 10-08-2010 06:25 AM by CrazE.)
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
Thanks Shadow. Oh, and welcome back to the forums XD
Roy Jackson looked back as the crack of the bombshell made a giant mushroom cloud, followed by a large breeze flying past them. The sonicboom was too weak by then to knock them off their feet. Roy clould see the clouds weathering away in the sky, letting open the morning sun. It was like what they did seemed to please nature. Roy had expected the Ghost to return after an hour of them trekking, but he never seemed to show. "Private." he said to a marine nearby. He instantly stopped for orders. He was the perfect description of a new guy: scrawny face, alert and exhilarated eyes, and seemed to twitch slightly from the adrenaline. "Has the Ghost come back yet?" "No sir." he replied, looking around one last time. "Oh great." he said. Ghosts didn't come around that much anymore, especially in his sector. "Ok, let's move along." he said, tapping the back of a seige tank that stopped a moment. The driver revved the engine a little, then continued forward. Roy looked down at his battle suit. It was a standard teal color, with some paint scratching off on the edges. His shoulder armr seemed to be coming off, and his helmet was scratched up bad. Even his visor seemed to look like they played tic-tac toe on it. "Ugh, I need an upgrade." he said finally. He looked around at his team. They were all exhausted, some of them wounded. One's shoulder plate was missing, showing the nerve workings for the exoskeletal armor. One had their standard blue paint almost gone. "We all need upgrades." he admitted.
They arrived at the main base. The Missile Turrets guarding the perimeter stood tall and proud, twisting in a 360, searching the clouds for any suspecting enemy flying unit. the asphalt under Roy's feet clicked against his armored boots. even though his suit had a built in nerve receptor system, he admitted he couldn't feel a thing with it. Of course, it was standard to not 'feel' through the body armor, because nobody wants to feel a Zergling slash their claws into you. Then there would be no point for body armor. The soul purpose was to let them move their robotic exo-arms without using their muscled. It helped a lot when carrying their heavy gausse rifles.

Roy studdied his base. The giant Command Center stood in the middle of it all, like a proud monument. It seemed new, the blue paint shining, and the machinery working perfectly. He could see SCV's moving in and out, carrying chunks of the precious minerals and vespene gas inside for processing. He could see the Barracks and hear training sessions inside, along with machinery working on putting on the body suits onto battle-ready marines. There were a few bunkers dotting here and there, too filled with battle-ready marines and firebats. The Academy stood tall next to the Engineering Bay, where he could clearly hear scientists and mehcanics working to give them better technology. The Factory was the loudest of them all, a giant mass-producing network, currently working on making more Seige Tanks. The Machine Shop attached to it was also making a ruckus, trying to give better performance to their vehicles. "Ok men, rest up, get something to eat, then meet back here at o'nine hundred." he said. The men let out a sigh, the injured running (or limping) up to medics waiting to do their job.

He went over to the Seargent in charge while he was off: Seargent Murray. "Murray!" he called out. The Seargent turned towards him. "Status report." he said. "Well, everything's been calm. Mining has been running smoothly, and we were able to make about three Seige Tanks and train and suit up twelve marines." he reported. "Good man," Roy said, patting him on his shoulder plate, "I need you to keep on commanding for now. I need a paintjob." Murray laughed in agreement. "Aye, sir. Oh, and General Jurove called in for you." Roy looked at him surprisingly. "Jurove? What did he want?" he asked. Murray shrugged. "He wanted you to contact him when you got back." Roy walked toward the Command Center, walking in through the entrance. And SCV speeded by, making Roy dash to the side. "Sorry sir." he said whie speeding off. Roy shrugged it off and continued down, then turned right into a long hallway. He continued to the end, walking through a slide door. Inside was his office, which contained a large black screen, tons of different buttons and levers, and a small table coming out with a chair waiting for him. He turned to the right, showing a large square with machinery around it. He stepped into the square, instantly making the machinery come to life. The square lowered into the ground slightly, grabbing onto his boots, securing him to the ground. He held up his arms, which were grabbed by robotic arms to keep them up. "Disassembly activated." A woman's voice said inside his office.

"Welcome back, Leutenant Roy." All the robotic ligaments came to life, stretching out and grabbing onto pieces of Roy's armor. Instantly they started disassembling the suit. The outer armor started coming off, then the arms continued to the inner workings. Without the armor on, Roy looked like a giant robot. The arms slowly took off the pieces, showing white skin under the armor. Roy sighed as one specific robot came up behind his bare back, grappling onto the nerve receptor system used to move the suit, then with a swift movement it detatched the needles impedded in his spinal chord. Soon enough, what was left standing was a half naked Roy Jackson. He walked over to his closet, whistling. He grabbed a simple gray T-shirt and put it over his muscley torso, followed by a brown thin jacket. His brown jeans seemed new, even though he had them for years, and his army boots clicked as he walked over to his desk. The screen turned on instantly. "One new messege." the woman's voice commented.

"General Jurove would like you to contact him. His fleet waits above Tarsonis right now." Roy sighed, feeling his black, shaggy hair. His green eyes seemed to be dull as he recalled past battles, and his rough skin seemed slightly darker in the manmade light. He stroked his large moustache as he thought. "Contact General Jurove." he finally commanded. "Please standby." the voice responded. Suddenly a man's face appeared on the screen. His grey hair and wrinkles told him he was about 60, and his official suit showed many badges. His deep blue eyes made his hair look even grayer. "Leutenant Roy," he responded, "I thought you'd never answer." Roy chuckled. "You can't get rid of me that easily." he responded. Jurove laughed back. "Well, I'm sure I can't. But I need to ask a favor of you." Roy nodded, letting him continue. "My fleet has traveled a long way, and we are running out of supplies. We ask if we may take refuge in your base camp. In return, we will give you one of our Battlecruisers." Roy thought over this. If they commanded a battlecruiser, then surely they would get a reputation. Every major base had at least one battlecruiser. But then he gambled upon a better deal. "Give us a Starport and we have a deal." he replied. Jurove was surprised by the offer, but he nodded. "We will send one down to you in about three days. In the meantime, please make ready for our decent." "Aye sir." Roy nodded, saluting him. Jurove saluted back, before the transmittion cut.

Roy looked around his office. "Com, I need my suit upgraded, prepped and ready within an hour." "Yes sir." the woman voice said. Roy went over to the intercom for the Command Center. "Marines, we got a guest fleet coming in. Prepare a landing pad for them, along with some supply depots." he said into it. He then walked over to his desk, looking through some papers. Still no ghost. "Great." he thought. He walked back over to the intercom. "Alpha team, meet me outside the Command Center." he said, walking outside. Alpha team was already assembling, a team of twenty marines, two goliaths, and twelve firebats. "We got a lost soldier out there. We need a recon and retrieval. Our scanners already found a living life form just outside the borders of the once Zerg infestation." The Alpha team already knew what their mission was. "Alright, hop to it!" he ordered, clapping his hands. "Yes sir!" they exclaimed.

((That's all I'm writing for now. I'll make the next chapter later.))
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17-02-2010, 11:51 AM
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
CrazE, I really liked this, since I played Starcraft long ago (and it used to be my favorite game). Anyway, I hope the Protoss make an appearance.
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19-02-2010, 01:02 AM
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
Just because you said that, they aren't :P Nah, they will make an appearance. After all, they have to make contact with them at some point, right?

Alpha team started off the route they had taken only hours before. "Man, deja vu, right guys?" the leader commented. They all called out lazily in agreement. "Now come on, this ain't a death march. We're going to save a valuable member of our team." they all lazily mumbled in agreement again. "You guys are impossible."
The Ghost woke up with a startle. Where was he? He looked around slowly. This wasn't at all like his quarters, or the training room. Who was he? The Ghost knocked his forehead with his palm. How could he forget his name? John H. Bergessen. That was it. He was a specially trained Ghost for the Terran infantry base located on Tarsonis. Well, one thing he knew now was that he was alive, and no brain damage occured. Bad part was, a horrible pain shot up his side, making him yell out. John looked down at his right side. There was a giant gap in his armor, with torn flesh trying to keep it filled. He yelled out again in agony. Come on, he was trained to take this kind of pain. Suck it all in! John started calming his breathing, occacionally grunting instead of screaming. But if John knew his screaming attracted something, he would have never screamed at all. For when the Hive blew up, it scatter some of it's troops, leaving them to do what they want freely, without order. They were wild animals now, hunting in packs like wild animals, killing like wild animals... And a small group of Zerglings survived the blast.

John took the cloth band wrapped diagnally over his shoulder and left side, ripping it ans applying it to the wound. He bit onto a piece of his small but durable armor while doing so, biting down hard to relieve some of the pain. Now all he needed to do was make him public for a rescue team. John felt where he was. He was inside a large cliff valley, off under a cliff ledge that provided him shelter from the blast. he was propped up by the curve of the rock, allowing him to see forward. But this wouldn't be enough. He had to keep moving. John struggled in agony to get up, forcing his weakened legs to move. He couldn't feel his side, but he could feel pain surging its way up his body like a river. It never seemed to end. Finally, he was standing completely up. His C-10 Canister Rifle on his back, goggles up. At least he could stand. Let's see if he could walk.

John took a step forward. The small shock traveled up his foot, hitting the wound, causing pain. John took a step back, taken by surprise from the new wave of pain. John then looked down at his small utility belt, pulling out a small box. He opened it, revealing a hypodermic needle filled with morphene. He pulled it out, stabbing it into his leg and pulling it out quickly. The pain would've been bad, had it not been for the nerve-soothing morphene going through his system. He sighed as a calmness and painless sensation went over him. Suddenly he heard a noise, like a crack of pebbles. John looked up. Scraps of yellowish dust came off the ledge roof, drifting slowly to the ground. There, looking down at him hungrily, was the face of a Zergling.

John kept calm, slowly lifting his rifle. The Zergling, not under control and resorting to instinct, became curious but aggresive towards the movement. John looked up, sweat starting to condense on his forehead. If he made one wrong move, he was dead. The Zergling hissed out, small acid-like drool dripping off it's second pair of jaws. It's glowing red eyes looked at him as if sizing him up. John knew he had to make his move.


John pulled his rifle up, letting off a round. The Zergling pounced forward. But John was quicker. The Zergling doubled back, falling onto the ground. John went up to it cautiously, checking his aim. The Zergling made a sudden jerk, then let out a long sigh. John hit it right into it's throat, blood oozing from it. John sighed in relief. But then he realized in horror that Zerglings, even if their base was destroyed, always tried to work in packs. He could already hear thudding of claws coming over. His rifle had given up his location. Then, he looked down at his gauge. almost full energy. Just enough. John clicked a button, and instantly he disappeared from sight. He tried his best running, holding onto his side. Even if he was invisible, Zerglings could smell when something is injured. He had to hurry before they tracked the scent. But that, too, was too late. three Zerglings jumped over the ledge, tracking the smell of injured prey. They were free to do as they pleased, and they were going to make the best of it.

John limped quickly down the endless canyon, trying to find his way. But he was lost. He forgot one rule that every soldier was told to do: remember the trail. John nonetheless tried running faster. He could already see that the Zerglings pointed out the scent, looking straight at him. He pointed his rifled at them and shot, but one of them jumped to the side, dodging it by inches. He realized in hopeless despair that he was dead. The rescue team wouldn't get to him in time, if there was one. He slowed down in hopelessness. If they got him right, he wouldn't feel a thing. But one being had other plans.

Suddenly a being jumped off the cliff onto one of the Zerglings, making them tumble. They instantly got up in retaliation. But the being was quick. It pulled out some type of glowing blades, slicing into the first Zergling. The Zergling cried out before the being stabbed it one last time. The other one leaped out toward the being, but soon fell back to the ground, headless from the being's swift duck-and-slice move. The third came up behind the being, ready to pounce on the unexpecting prey. John aimed his rifle, knocking a bullet right into it's head. The Zergling fumbled slightly, then fell with a thud. John materialized due to the fact that the danger was gone. The being looked at him. It's blades were attached to thick arm plates, covering light blue skin. It had a thick torso plate with a glowing light blue orb in the center, with two arched coming off of it and ending on the back. It's legs were completely covered in armor, and seemed slightly robotic. It had an oval-shaped head, and glowing yellow eyes. And overall, it seemed to be slightly glowing like it was covered in something.

For a moment they stared at each other, neither of them moving. Finally John smiled at it. "Hi." he said, raising a hand like he was going to wave it. The being made no response. "Thank you for what you did here." Still, no response. "Do you speak?" Finally, the being nodded. "I am deciding whether you are a threat to us. Your kind does not belong here." it finally said. But really, it didn't say anything. It had no mouth, but instead just a flat surface of skin where it should be. It must be using telekinesis, John thought. Of course, by the sound of it's voice, it seemed to be male. The being looked him over, judging him. "You, alone are no threat for now. You seem injured too. I could strike you down right here." He then thought over it another moment. "But, you saved my life, so I will spare yours. It is the right thing." He started to turn off. "Entaro Adun, young human." he said, walking off.

John was left there, still pondering over the events that happened. What did he mean that they didn't belong here? And how was he here on this planet in the first place?
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19-02-2010, 07:44 PM
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
Wow. Incredible. Amazing. Wonderful. I have always loved Starcraft and your story could come right from Starcraft itself. Well done!
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20-02-2010, 12:38 AM (This post was last modified: 14-04-2010 11:35 PM by CrazE.)
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RE: Starcraft: Black Ops
Wow, thanks Gaarafan! I never thought my writing and story would catch on so quick. :)

EDIT: I've foudn some awesome pics of what the characters are in the story to help visualize for you.

Terran Marine:
[Image: nf5u0i.jpg]

Terran Battlecruiser hovering over Tarsonis:
[Image: 2d2erg4.jpg]

Terran Ghost:
[Image: 16gzggp.jpg]

Terran Goliath:
[Image: 2mw5vlz.jpg]

Terran Seige tank/ Tank Mode:
[Image: 2mebs0.jpg]

Terran Seige Tank/ Seige Mode:
[Image: 2znobpe.jpg]

Zerg Overlord:
[Image: jal8xx.jpg]

Zerg Zergling
[Image: 3535zea.jpg]

Zerg Hydralisk
[Image: 5typn7.jpg]

Zerg Ultralisk
[Image: b8lr7r.jpg]

Zerg Sunken colony. Kinda etchy because it was from the first game.
[Image: 2447dd1.gif]


Protoss Zealot:
[Image: 4gnnev.jpg]

Yeah.... I'll update more protoss...

I'll update more later.
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16-03-2010, 02:02 AM (This post was last modified: 16-03-2010 02:03 AM by CrazE.)
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RE: Starcraft: Lost Operation
By the way, I'm doing ranks by the army, even thought clearly the marines are... well, marines.
The leader looked around carefully, halting. He swore he heard a gunshot. "Alright men, this could be the real deal." he said. All of them were instantly on alert. The goliaths put on their sensors. The marines held up their rifles, ready for something just to pop out of nowhere.

And that's what they got.

Suddenly Zerglings popped out of the ground, hungrily sprinting toward them. "We've got some wilds!" The leaders said. He knew that wild Zerglings wouldn't be much of a challenge. All of them fired, the Goliath's autocannons being heard over the rest, like giant deadly boomboxes. The leader could see that there was a surprising amount of Zerg survivors. They've adapted! he thought bitterly. Two marines yelled out as they were pummeled into the ground by four other Zerglings. One jumped onto the first goliath, trying viciously to get into the cockpit. The leading marine aimed and fired directly into the Zergling, the body dropping onto the ground. "Thanks, sir." the guy said in the Goliath. But the leader paid no attention. The effort was on the battle.

John stopped limping and looked up. He swore he heard gunfire. But that's not possible. Would they really send a rescue team just for him? He limped faster, rounding over an edge and looked on. About twelve marines, six firebats, and one goliath, all getting through a small group of Zerglings. One of the marines noticed him. "We found him!" he called into the mic, making his way over to him. John gratefully limped over to the marine, finally leaning onto him for support. "Damn, Seargent. You look horrible." the marine said. John only grunted agreeingly in reply.

Back in the base, Roy already heard the messege. He already knew they were only a mile out. They could make it back easy if they tried. "Retreat," Roy replied, "retreat to main HQ. Our defenses will deal with the followers." "Aye, sir." He finally leaned back and looked up at the ceiling like he could see something in it that would ease a problem. He had already known that the Brood Wars was still going on, and he didn't know how it would end. It seemed to stretch on for years. It still bugged him how he hadn't gotten contact with command for awhile. They still had supplies from four years ago that they were using! This was the first contact from the outer world. He stretched back in his seat. Suddenly the computer blinked on with a full scan of a marine suit, completely new. "Your suit is ready, Leutenant." Roy got up and walked over to the pad. "When will Jurove make touchdown?" he asked the computer. "I calculate that he will be down within minutes, possibly more due to the dry air friction against their fleet." Roy loosened his muscles, relaxing. "Suit me up." he responded. "Yes sir."

Roy walked out into the acrid gas the locals called air. But Roy guessed if other things could live here, so could they. He walked over to a group of medics surroundinga Ghost.


Roy casually walked over to him, shooeing away the unneeded medics. John looked up painfully as one of the medics prodded the wound with another tissue steroid. what followed would have astounded most from the 21st century; the tissue cells suddenly began to multiply billions at a time, quickly filling up the space that was a giant gash. "John Bergessen?" Roy asked. John looked up from the wound. "Yes sir." John shook Roy's metallic robot hand. "I am 1st Leutenant Roy Jackson, the one who assigned you. It's good to see that you've made it out of there mostly in one piece." John nodded, but winced as another shot was injected into his skin for a skin multiplyer. "Well, it wasn't easy to get back, but I am grateful I'm here." he said after a little while. Roy nodded. "Well, hopefully you'll be up and ready by tomorrow. We've got some kind of disturbance at one of the generators at Sector 8 V4, and we need you to get in there and find out. The mission file will be in your quarters by tomorrow also." John saluted to the Leutenant, who walked off.

Not thirty minutes later, small dots started to appear in the sky. Roy knew exactly who it was. They had already made a fleet platform separate from the actual base specifically for the fleet. He could already see the dots begin to widen as they approached. Battlecruisers were the most feared of all battleships in the Terran regiment. Their massive structures not only intimidate, but they hold a powerful armada. They all started with a front looking like a square capsule, connected by a long corridor-looking part of the ship. At the end was another bar facing sideways, and at the end of each one two gigantic laser cannons and engines facing forward. He could see the armored behemoth slowly come toward Tarsonis, like a giant balloon floating down to earth. More followed, along with what Roy Jackson would soon acquire: a Starport. It's thrusters slowed its landing to the ground, giant supports coming out from it's sides. It looked like those bells from the carnival, but facing horizontally. The giant circular platform was already inhabited by fierce working people and robots, while the long side was barely even inhabited except from the inside. Roy smiled. Jurove was here.

Roy slowly walked toward one of the humungous Battlecruisers, the giant plates placed here and there colored yellow. He could already see a giant truck coem toward him from inside. The truck stopped next to him, showing a young looking and nervous private in the driver's seat. "Leutenant?" he asked. Roy nodded. "Jurove has asked me to coem and get you." Roy got into the side, letting the private awkwardly pull the truck back in the direction of the giant spacecraft. It took longer than he thought, the Battlecruiser gettign bigger and bigger a they neared. Finally they reached a long platform coming from the ship down to the ground. He heard the hiss as hydrolics were released by the giant landing legs. In moments they were in what seemed to be a giant city. Marines and civilians passed by everywhere in the structure, going from one station to the other in seconds. They parked the truck and went over to an elevator to the side of the giant complex. Soon enough they were zipping through the complex at high speeds until they reached their destination; the control center. Roy stepped into the large room. At the front was a giant square window showing the whole view of his base. Workers were buzzing all around, checking the status, making sure the engines are working properly, plottig their next course... it was like a portable base. The private beckoned him to an opening to the side. Roy went through and found himself in a dimly lit office. A person was sitting in a seat, but had their back to him. "Please, Roy, sit down." The man swiveled around, revealing the hardened face of General Jurove.

"I am pleased to see you, Roy." he smiled.
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16-03-2010, 02:44 AM
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RE: Starcraft: Lost Operation
This is a great fic. I sounded as though I'd played Starcraft before over our PM, but I actually haven't. Though for being based on a game, this is a great fic. This chapter was really good, too.
Also, it's Lieutenant, not Leutenant. :P
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16-03-2010, 07:24 PM
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RE: Starcraft: Lost Operation
Really great. Again. Oh, by the way the Zergling pic. looks incredible. Where did you find it?
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